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Trolltyg uppsala instagram

trolltyg uppsala instagram

person who's interested in fashion and the stuff they have in store. Bad, kök, ljusstakar, vaser och krukor, väskor. Application, i applied in-person. Owners of the store were awesome. The process took 4 weeks. Customers were awesome and everybody at work were really nice and friendly. If you're a guy they'll ask if you can take orders from women and if you cooperate well. Textil, varumärken, presenttips, presenttips.

Allt det bästa, samlat!
Trolltyg är en inredningsbutik som representerar en unik mix av klassisk kvalitet.
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They really look for someone who is not too eager or too energetic. Interview Questions, negotiation they simply called me up and offered the job. They ask simple questions about how much you can work. They want a calm and relaxed person who is not trying so hard to prove them selves. Interview working here was really nice. How long you'll be in town.