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Dreamhack stockholm 2018 biljetter

dreamhack stockholm 2018 biljetter

next: Astralis vs NiP, 2:0 Mirage (16:14) and Nuke (16:7 North vs mousesports. Org Videos and Photos edit Galleries edit Highlights edit VODs edit Other Coverage edit References edit "Welcome @astralisgg and @dev1ce, @Xyp9x, @dupreehcsgo, @gla1ve_csgo, @MagiskCS @zonic_CS to #DHMasters Stockholm!". Milan göteborg tehran " Striker " vejda. DHMasters Stockholm welcomes @natusvincere!".

Unsurprisingly, all the players used awesome weapon finishes during the tournament matches. Group D : the first team here was, mIBR (two victories over HellRaisers and mousesports). "Lekr0 Arrives to Ninjas in Pyjamas!". "mibr Welcomes Tarik "tarik" Celik".

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dreamhack stockholm 2018 biljetter

Retrieved from " ". FaZe karrigan, olofmeister, GuardiaN, NiKo, rain fnatic Xizt, flusha, JW, krimz, draken, opTic Snappi, cajunb, JUGi, gade, k0nfig, heroic moddii, friberg, AcilioN, es3tag, mertz mousesports oskar, Snax, chrisJ, suNny, ropz, miBR FalleN, tarik, fer, Stewie2K, coldzera. Org Magisk: "Train has been a big focus because we knew it was one of our weaker maps" by Milan " Striker " vejda of hltv. The second place was taken by mousesports this team won the starter match against Gambit but then lost to mibr. Org oskar: "It doesn't affect us when we lose the first map like that" by Milan " Striker " vejda of hltv. It was divided in this way: Not everyone considers the brilliant victory of North on this tournament as so brilliant. "csgo - Welcome Draken; Thank you Golden". Org rain: "It was super stressed (against Heroic I think people panicked a little bit" by Milan " Striker " vejda of hltv. Heroic lost to FaZe in the first match but thanks to the victory over Fnatic got a second chance in the deciding match against Optic they did not lose. Group B: Ninjas in Pyjamas defeated NRG Esports and Ghost Gaming.