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Cosplay malmö

cosplay malmö

Nurse Cosplayer at Comic Con Malmö 2015. Skip to content, the best brunch and breakfast places. Day pass guests will have opening hours which can be found here. Scout trooper cosplay, star Wars cosplayers on parade, star Wars Sith Lord Darth Malgus cosplay. Scarlet Fitch cosplay, scarecrow Cosplay, warhammer cosplayers at Comic Con Malmö 2015.

Cosplayer and artist located in Sweden!
I have been drawing seriously since 2012 and.
Calling all otaku and cosplayers.

We are going to start gearing up for the future! _ Thanks to all the people who put down so much time and effort into making these awesome costumes for us to enjoy! Experience old and new shows and movies together. Discover Malmö on Tripadvisor. The byoc lan will go on for 24/7 until we close on Sunday. You were all great to meet, and we would like to thank you all for coming! As well as video game consoles, board games and even an area with sewing machines where the cosplayers can craft their own outfits! This Tardis is just gorgeous! This post covers Cosplay oMG!

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