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Perkus maximus

perkus maximus

: A few assets, mainly textures, are still missing. Spell Fury cooldown should now work as intended.

T3nd0's, perkus Maximus at Skyrim Nexus Compatibility, notes at, skyrim Armor Clothing - LoversLab

If you know SkyRe already and would like a list of the most important differences, go skip to the FAQ section of this page. Instead, these perks grant a random spell when chosen, have passive effects of their own and serve as prerequisites for other perks. These make the patcher ignore ingredients Donations Straight donations accepted Hey people, for all intents and purposes, consider this mod, and all my other mods, "done". Perks make trap handling better. When a target is knocked out by "Blackjack the player may sneak and activate it to use Adhesive Explosives (see Alchemy). The patch: As late as possible. Patchus Maximus (PaMa Add Apocalypse to the PaMa block list. Pierce all forms of defense and attack your foe's maximum health directly. At 100 Enchanting, you still enchant like you did at skill level 15, all you get is a boost in numbers. .