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Gen Simmons födelseort

gen Simmons födelseort

He said fans will see a committed band that lives up to their self-imposed mandate. Our job is to make you forget about the traffic pole dancing kurser stockholm jam or any other thing that bothers you. The Morongo showroom is much smaller than the stadiums where they traditionally perform. There is a difference.".

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Thats when the internet took over young minds who decided they didnt have to pay for music, he added. Nobody is going to get violent and pick a fight on cannabis, Simmons said. Close, two original members of Kiss, Paul Stanley and Gene. "That means hate speech. (Photo: AP photo) Simmons said he considers himself lucky because he considers his wife and long-time partner Shannon Tweed, his crack and savior. Simmons accepted the Legacy Award on behalf of his mother. There has never been a fight at a kiss concert for over 43 years. The hotels would quickly, go out of business, he further explained. People are allowed to smoke cigarettes and governments are constantly lowering the age at which people can smoke; they will allow you to play Russian roulette with your goddamn health and possibly die miserably, horribly, painfully, but they wont let people use cannabis. Whatever helps them survive or makes life more bearable is fine with many people, he said. And the world belongs to all.". (Photo: Juan Rico/Invision/AP simmons on stage moniker is The Demon and his spectacle on stage has included spitting blood and breathing fire in addition to strutting around on 7-inch platform boots that weight close to 10 pounds each.

Im not here to shake my finger in anybodys face. Have something for the column? Life is what happens to you when the planets align, Simmons answered contemplatively. Kiss has been around 43 years.