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cooling failure. Viksten etc.) Object Recognition Database This database features modeling shots of eight objects and 51 cluttered test shots containing multiple objects.(Fred Rothganger, Svetlana Lazebnik, Cordelia Schmid, and Jean Ponce. Unfortunately, previous fingerprinting methods either involve large registration overhead or suffer from fingerprint forgery attacks, rendering them infeasible in authentication systems. In terms of performance overhead, meds slowed down 108 and 86 compared to native execution and AddressSanitizer, respectively, on real-world applications including Chrome, Firefox, Apache, Nginx, and OpenSSL. Measuring and Disrupting Anti-Adblockers Using Differential Execution Analysis. The generated models can recover causality with 0 false-positives (FP) and false-negatives (FN) for most programs and only.3 FP and.2 FN in the worst cases. The automatic detection of software vulnerabilities is an important research problem. Nez)-BoundingBoxes -.6 million accurate human-annotated BB from 23 object classes tracked across frames, from 240,000 videos, with a strong focus on the person class (1.3 million boxes) (Real, Shlens, Pan, Mazzocchi, Vanhoucke, Khan, Kakarla et al) Remote Sensing Aerial Imagery for Roof. Morley Mao (University of Michigan), and Henry.

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We further describe and evaluate relatively simple heuristics which can be applied at run time (on an execution trace or in an emulator during the analysis of an embedded device to detect previously undetected memory corruptions. Js applications can interact freely with the operating system without the benefits of a security sandbox. We also conduct a survey targeted at Facebook users (N 321). Nikolov, and Petia Radeva.) European Flood 2013 - 3,710 images of a flood event in central Europe, annotated with relevance regarding 3 image retrieval tasks (multi-label) and important image regions. One of the most widely deployed implementations of CFI is the one proposed by Microsoft, named Control Flow Guard (CFG). (Javier Marin, Aritro Biswas, Ferda Ofli, Nicholas Hynes, Amaia Salvador, Yusuf Aytar, Ingmar Weber, Antonio Torralba) SemArt dataset - A dataset for semantic art understanding, including 21,384 fine-art painting images with attributes and artistic comments. Huandong Wang (Tsinghua University), Chen Gao (Tsinghua University), Yong Li (Tsinghua University), Gang Wang (Virginia Tech), Depeng Jin (Tsinghua University), and Jingbo Sun (China Telecom Beijing Research Institute).