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Stadshuset stockholm guidade karen

stadshuset stockholm guidade karen

one of Stockholm's major tourist attractions. Nearly eight million red bricks were used. The building was inaugurated on, exactly 400 years after Gustav Vasa 's arrival in Stockholm. They were executed by the Berlin, Germany, firm of Puhl Wagner (Gottfried Heinersdorff after nine years of negotiations by Gottfried Heinersdorff (1883-1941) for the commission. It stands on the eastern tip. Construction was carried out by craftsmen using traditional techniques. A lofty square tower bearing three gilt crowns, the symbol of Sweden, and the national coat of arms dominates the red-brick structure. The architectural style is one of refined eclecticism, blending massive, austere, North European brick construction and playful elements reminiscent of oriental and venetian architecture, such as turrets adorned with golden starlets, decorated balconies, wooden masts, and statues. Oskar Asker was employed as construction leader and Paul Toll, of the construction company Kreuger Toll, designed the foundations. It is the venue of the. The 101 City Council members still meet in the council chamber here.

stadshuset stockholm guidade karen

Idrottsmedicin stockholm
Frihamnen stockholm parkering

Ragnar Östberg, Carl Westman, Ivar Tengbom jointly with, ernst Torulf, and, carl Bergsten. Stockholm City Hall, inneryard Inner courtyard of Stockholm City Hall Golden room with "Mälardrottning". There are psyk lund also two courts here: the open civic court and the interior covered court. Stadshuset is considered one of Sweden's foremost examples of national romanticism in architecture. The southern gallery contains murals by Prince Eugen, the painter prince.