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Malmö pubar

malmö pubar

bus, bus being the cheapest option. Gamla Väster, between Lilla Torget and Malmöhus, is a quiet and sophisticated part of town with lots of galleries, design shops and restaurants. Cocktail bar with a lot of inventive recipes edit Budget edit STF Hostel Malmö City, Rönngatan 1, phone,. Designed and built, then imported and assembled on-site. There is one daily direct bus by Gråhundbus 10 which coincides with Ryanair schedules. 1 Blue Gin. Go to the Pildammsparken (with gardens, buildings from malmö barnakut the Baltic exhibition in 1914 and a theater) and Kungsparken / Slottsparken (behind the castle). You can pick up the free Nöjesguiden and Dygnet Runt magazines in various stores to read more about Malmö 's nightlife. Vollmers, Tegelgårdsgatan 5,.

Tickets can be bought at the stadium even on game day and will cost you a maximum of 190SEK for the standing terrace, and around 390SEK for seated. Edit Get out edit The Öresundsbron between Malmö and Copenhagen Skånetrafiken's Around the Sound ( Öresund Runt ) ticket 68 is a great way to see the surrounding region of Scania as well as North Zealand, Denmark (including Copenhagen ). Visitors can walk (crawl, actually in places) through a 1943 Swedish U3 submarine. Beware that the local green busses and trains do not accept cash or credit cards - you must either buy a ticket at a vending machine or a ticket office, buy an e-ticket with your mobile phone, or pay onboard using a pre-paid "Jojo card".

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This is in effect until further notice. Edit Fagans, Per Weijersgatan 4, 46 (040) 970 990,. Frequent and regular local trains go from Malmö south throughout the province of Scania to Lund, Helsingborg, Hör and Ystad. World famous Swedish glassware can also be bought there. Twilight Zone, Stora Nygatan. Add 45 SEK to the price if you're not a member of the iyhf. Lemongrass, Grynbodgatan 9,. Splurge edit Marriott Renaissance Malmo Hotel, 64, Mäster Johansgatan. Central location, with a unique rooftop garden.

malmö pubar

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