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Safari insektsmedel emerald ash borer

safari insektsmedel emerald ash borer

is a valuable option because its unique and you can treat far more trees in the same amount of time as you can with trunk-injected products. It is therefore very important to educate people on how to manage EAB and limit its impact. Safari 20 SG Insecticide, safari 20 SG Insecticide - Dinotefuran. EAB larva, emerald Ash Borer Facts: Attacks only Ash trees (fraxinus). Under the SLN label, Safari 20 SG should be applied to ash trees as a basal trunk spray at a rate of 12-24 oz per gallon of water. Here is an article that appeared in Lawn and Landscape regarding the effectiveness of Safari insecticide.

safari insektsmedel emerald ash borer

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For Trunk Spray which is : Use 12 24 oz per gallon depending on bark type and thickness. Due to its unique chemical properties, Safari 20 SG is taken up more quickly by ash trees compared to less systemic products and also reaches higher concentrations. Product Label, label, sDS, mSDS, more PDF's,. Treatment options: There are three accepted methods of treatment for Emerald. Whitmore, forest entomologist, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University. When applied just to the point of runoff, one gallon of spray solution will treat fransk restaurang storgatan stockholm approximately 65 inches of cumulative trunk diameter. The direct trunk injection with.