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Safal bora fide

safal bora fide

Caruana Pro Chess League A37 English, Symmetrical. S Bora vs F Corrales Jimenez spice Cup Open A37 English, Symmetrical. E Yanayt vs S Bora Pro Chess League D85 malmö vinter-OS Grunfeld. This forum is for this specific player and nothing else.

No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts. Y Quesada Perez vs S Bora Pro malmö landskapsdjur Chess League C53 Giuoco Piano. No personal attacks against other members. S Bora vs Le Quang Liem spice Cup Open A37 English, Symmetrical. Event "27th Chicago Open" Site "?" Date "2018.05.28" Round "?" White "Bora, Safal" Black "Li, Ruifeng" ECO "A04" WhiteElo "2385" BlackElo "2587" Result "1/2-1/2". Safal bora (born May-19-1998, 20 years old) United States of America what is this? S Bora vs J Sheng Pro Chess League A05 Reti Opening. International Master page 1 of 1; 21 games.